Elevator Pitches — First impressions matter!

A digital wave brings elevator pitches to an online platform.

The increased level of interconnectivity brought on by the digital era has only improved networking and socialization amongst individuals. Where we once needed to wait tirelessly outside employer offices, attempt to run into a person of interest, or work our way up the professional hierarchy, social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, have greatly facilitated the process of “putting yourself out there”.

Elevator pitches today look a lot different than they did a while ago — you are being analyzed the moment you send that first connection invite. Therefore, those first impressions mean a great deal when a potential employer is reviewing your profile.

So, what does your elevator pitch look like today? Well, it is no longer a rushed meeting in a claustrophobic metal box that stops every few seconds to offload and onboard new passengers. Instead, your pitch starts at the first like, comment, or direct message (DM).

Our dependencies on technology have decreased our attention spans across the various mediums of communication. In a world where we are constantly scrolling, there needs to be something that captivates our attention and invites us to keep reading. Thus, your new digital elevator pitch needs to be short, clear, and concise. Your pitch must be a culmination of the main message you are trying to get across, your intentions, the value YOU can bring, dusted lightly enough with parts of your personality so you don’t come across completely robotic.

The goal is to plant a seed — the seed of curiosity that encourages someone to dig deeper into who you are and ask follow-up questions of interest. These conversations eventually flourish into professional and personal opportunities and are the foundational blocks that teach you valuable communication skills. So, don’t take those 10–30 seconds lightly. A lot can be understood from those first few moments of your pitch, but the objective is to keep them around for more.